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Dr. Jaya Sonkar MD MPH


Dr. Jaya Sonkar is a rheumatologist, geriatrician, internist, and public health professional who has attained her learnings from the prestigious Harvard University, New York Medical College, University of Texas, Medical Branch, and Delhi University. She was born in the city of Kanpur and pursued her further education in Delhi and thereafter in the USA. She is a Yoga and Meditation enthusiast. She is a founder of a healthcare organization in the USA. She enjoys writing, singing, dancing, and sketching in her free time. Dr. Sonkar is passionate about promoting health, wellness, a positive attitude, and helping people obtain inner peace through her work. Most of her writings are inspired by life experiences and observations of other lives as well as observing nature.



Colors Of Life Through Eyes Of Medicine

Insights is a collection of articles inspired by real-life interactions of the author with her patients at diferent stages of life. Every patient has a unique story and so does every doctor. These experiences were eye-opening. The fact that life is so fragile and it comes to an end one day opens the mind’s eyes to the realization of the unknown. It raises many questions such as why is there a cycle of birth and death, what is the purpose of life, where life comes from, and more. The author has tried to introspect on these and also address the humanistic aspects. Through her work, the author has tried to spread awareness that we are mortal. And in the end, nothing matters but the fulfillment that’s felt within. The author has also tried to promote peace, happiness, forgiveness, and contentment as there is no reason worth a fight over any reason. Read this book and unlock the lessons hidden in the day-to-day life events. Life is a treasure hunt where a treasure of valuable lessons is hidden. Let’s get ready to explore!

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Jeevan Gyan

Life Lessons

Jeevan Gyan is a collection of Hindi poems that were inspired from the observation of the nature as well as observation of other lives. The poetess is deeply inspired by the lessons from her patient’s lives as well as from her own life. She strongly believes that there is every reason worth staying happy and there is no reason worth staying sad as we are on a timeline that is moving fast. She also allows herself to experience all sorts of emotions and express them through her words to share the same with her readers. Get ready with your imagination skills to get on a joy ride of emotional surge

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